Wowza live transcoding using NVIDIA NVENC hardware accleration

Live transcoding is a CPU consuming process and if you are transcoding/transrating multiple live streams, you need GPU support to manage the load of the server. Recently I got a live transcoding task to do using AWS Ec2 instances. AWS provides two types of GPU based instances (at the time of writing)

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Out of Service & In Service – AWS EC2 Instances on AWS Elastic Loadbalancer

I’m having a personal website hosted at AWS EC2 with ELB. Today I have started my AWS EC2 instances (I had turned off due to non usage and Of course, I can save some cost) and tried to load my website via AWS Elastic loadbalancer public dns url but it was not coming up in my browser, instead of webpage I got a blank white page. So I checked my AWS EC2 instances and ELB services.

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AWS EC2 Security Best Practices

Amazon EC2 best security practice methods to follow

AWS EC2 – Security Group

The Security Group in AWS Ec2 is acting as a firewall. By default security group block all ports. You need to specify the port numbers in the security group to open. It is a good security practice to open ports for a specific network instead of open network (
By this method you can block unwanted access from unwanted networks.
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AWS Management console application for Android and iOS devices

Amazon web services recently released a management console with new additional services for mobile users. By using mobile management console you can able to manage EC2 Instances, Load Balancers, RDS Instances, Cloudwatch alarms from your phone or tablet devices.

Download the app from Google Play and iTunes

AWS console for Android/iOS now supports Auto Scaling ( update on Oct 22 2013 )