Wowza Streaming Engine protocols and port numbers – UFW Ubuntu Linux

UFW is the default firewall configuration in Ubuntu. It provides an easy method to create the firewall for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. Wowza Streaming Engine is one of the leading streaming software in the media industry. Using Wowza you can deliver streams through different protocols like RTMP, RTSP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, HDS, Smooth Streaming. Following are the port numbers assigned to the respective protocols

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Wowza live transcoding using NVIDIA NVENC hardware accleration

Live transcoding is a CPU consuming process and if you are transcoding/transrating multiple live streams, you need GPU support to manage the load of the server. Recently I got a live transcoding task to do using AWS Ec2 instances. AWS provides two types of GPU based instances (at the time of writing)

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Wowza live transcoding using Intel QuickSync enabled processor

In general on fly live transcoding requires more compute cycles for converting multiple bitrate live streaming. After some research, I found a suitable motherboard and Intel quicksync processor for Wowza Streaming Engine live transcoding for one of my project.

I have compiled Wowza with Intel quicksync successfully on linux and now I can see drastic changes in cpu consumption. It almost reduced to 50% from actual usage.
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