Amazon Cloudfront Usage Charts

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Today Amazon Cloudfront announced graph based usage reports for Web HTTP distributions. I was awaiting for this feature for a long time and I’m very happy about it. It’s not available for RTMP based distributions by this time. I hope AWS will enable the graph report soon.

Cloudfront charts basically provides the usage report of every web distributions for a specified date range in last 60 days. By using this you can track the number of HTTP and HTTPS request, data transfer over HTTP and HTTPS, data transferred from Cloudfront edge location to your users, data transferred from Cloudfront to your origin. You can also track the reports based on the regions. Cloudfront having many edge servers in different countries around the work. You can find the list of edge server locations here. By using this graph reports you can create an analytical reports for your use cases. Here is  the example snapshot of the Cloudfront usage chart.

AWS Cloudfront, Graph, cloudfront chartTo get graph for your web distributions, go to AWS console and then click Cloudfront. In the Cloudfront console, click “Reports & Analytics” link, now you can see chart. You can prepare your reports by changing the values in the dropdown boxes according to your requirements.


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