Install Openshift Client tools on Ubuntu 14.04

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I was trying to install openshift client tools on my new ubuntu 14.04, but I couldn’t install it using this guide. So I was searching the package “rubygems”. After few googling, I landed this page , “This package provides Rubygems for Ruby 1.8. In Ruby 1.9.X, Rubygems is provided with the interpreter”. i.e  The package name is “rubygems-integration”

Now install the below packages apt-get install ruby-full rubygems-integration git-core

After the installation, verify it ruby -e 'puts "Welcome to Ruby"'
Welcome to Ruby git --version
git version 1.9.1

Now install openshift client tools sudo gem install rhc

After the installation, run the below command rhc setup

This wizard will help you upload your SSH keys, set your application namespace,
and check that other programs like Git are properly installed.

If you have your own OpenShift server, you can specify it now. Just hit enter to
use the server for OpenShift Online:
Enter the server hostname: ||

You can add more servers later using 'rhc server'.

Login to
Password: **********

If everything goes well, you can run the rhc commands to access the openshift apps rhc
Usage: rhc [--help] [--version] [--debug] <command></command> []
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